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Copley Controls

Copley Controls

Copley Controls specializes in high-performance motion solutions for OEMs in the semiconductor, life sciences, automated assembly/inspection, and COTS military industries. Headquartered in the United States, Copley Controls has 25 years of experience in OEM partnerships. Copley is part of Analogic Corporation, a manufacturer of medical and security imaging systems.

Featured Products

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Accelnet Panel

DC powered digital drives in a panel formfactor for position, velocity and torque control of brushless and brush motors.

Xenus PLUS 1-Axis

AC powered single axis digital drives for brushless motors featuring incremental encoder and resolver feedback. Available in EtherCat and CANopen communication configurations.

Stepnet AC

Compact AC powered microstepping digital drives for control of hybrid stepper motors. Operates as a stand-alone driver from an external controller or a distributed drive on a CANopen control network.

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Cross Coupling Motion Control using Copley 2 Axis drives

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