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Rotor Clip

Rotor Clip

Rotor Clip manufactures a full line of tapered, constant section and spiral retaining rings meeting DIN, Inch, ANSI Metric and JIS standards. It also produces wave springs, hose clamps, and custom designs. Rotor Clip is certified to ISO 9001, TS 16949, AS9100 and ISO 14001.

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Retained Rings

Metal fasteners installed into a groove on a shaft or in a housing or bore creating a shoulder that retains an assembly. Tapered, constant, and spiral section configurations available

TruWave Wave Springs

Special springs made from coiled flat wire provide lower work heights with the same force as traditional springs.

Hose Clamps

Single wire, double wire, and constant tension hose clamps which expand and contract with the hose in response to temperature changes.

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