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Delta Tau

Omron Delta Tau

Built on Omron Delta Tau Technology, Omron Delta Tau is the leader for innovating high-performance machine control solutions. With more than 1,000,000 axes of motion, Omron Delta Tau is dedicated to providing solutions for the simplest to the most complex applications including general automation, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machine tools, medical and packaging equipment.

Featured Products

Products, solutions and more.

Power Brick AC

Intelligent amplifier offering Power PMAC (Programmable Multiple Axis Controller), capable of controlling up to 256 axes simultaneously.

Motion Machine

A PC which comprises of a Linux or Windows-based PC running the Power PMAC kernel. The motion machine offers the same power PMAC controller with the familiarity of PC hardware.

Power Clipper

Low-cost Linux-based CPU that provides all the software and motion features of the Power PMAC family.

Partner Resources

Here are a few selected documents as a quick resource to better understand our partner’s expertise and value add for your project.


Delta Tau Company Introduction Video

Delta Tau – Robot Using Kinematics

Delta Tau – Hexapod Using Kinematics

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