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Engineering applications are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We can customize nearly everything we sell, from modifying housings and mechanical interfaces to fine-tuning performance parameters. Interested in custom assemblies?

Motion Control

Motion Solutions partners with best-in-class providers of controllers, drives, and motors to offer a comprehensive selection of motion control products in a range of sizes, performance levels, and technologies. With this broad product portfolio, we support customer needs across a variety of different industries. Our Engineered Solutions group works with these motion control components every day. We have deep familiarity with our product lines and long-standing relationships with the factory engineers. Combined, this gives us the expertise and the connections to help customers choose the ideal products for their systems, whether those are commercial off-the-shelf units or customized items tailored to a specific application. At Motion Solutions, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.


motion controlControls: Designing and implementing a motion-control platform starts with selecting the right hardware. There was a time the choice was cut and dried: PLCs handled machine control and perhaps a few axes of motion, while anything more complex required an additional dedicated motion controller. Today, the lines are blurring. PLCs offer increasing motion functionality as well as integrated safety. Learn more

motion control Stepper DriveDrives: Today’s drives can go much further than simply handing down commutation commands to a motor. The addition of onboard processing power and memory have dramatically increased functionality. Some drives can handle limited motion-control tasks. Other drives can act as master devices to a set of slave drives to create distributed control networks that reduce the need for wiring and control cabinets. Learn more

motion control motorsMotors: To provide maximum degrees of freedom for OEMs and machine builders, Motion Solutions carries a variety of motors. Proper motor sizing is essential to the success of an application. Simply adding a safety factor to the motors of a previous design iteration can result in grossly oversized motors that consume space, energy, and budget unnecessarily. A common rule of thumb is to use a 10:1 ratio of load inertia to motor inertia to provide sufficient control. Learn more

motion control cycloidalGearheads: Gearheads perform two key tasks in motion systems: torque multiplication and inertia matching. In torque multiplication, the gearhead provides a mechanical advantage to scale the output torque of the motor by the ratio of the gearhead. This can enable the system to use a smaller, cheaper motor for an overall cost reduction, more than offsetting the price of the gearbox. Learn more

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