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Linear Components - Lead-screw Nuts

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Linear Components


Lead-Screw Nuts

plain nut compared to anti-backlash nut

We offer a line of standard and antibacklash nuts to complement our lead screws. Our proprietary PEPNut lead-screw nuts are fabricated of Turcite X, which exhibits high strength and self-lubricating characteristics. The material has a P-V value of 16,000 lb-rpm, corresponding to high resistance to friction-induced heating. We also supply nuts in materials designed for nonstandard conditions such as extremely high loads and vacuum environments. We will make customized nuts per customer print.

PEPMounts are an optional add on to PEPNut selections. The PEPMount family consists of lightweight triangular and circular flanges made of lightweight structural plastic. They enable our nuts to be fixed to the actuator using a flange rather than a traditional threaded connection.

plain nut with PEPmount on lead screwanti-backlash nut on lead screw

For detailed technical specifications, including drawings, see below:

Plain PEPNut                                                            Anti-backlash PEPNut

drawing of plain lead-screw nutdrawing of anti-backlash lead-screw nut

drawing of anti-backlash lead-screw nut

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