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Linear Motor Stages - Lassen

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Z-AxisnPL70 Linear-Motor Stage 

Designed and manufactured by Motion Solutions, the nPL70 linear-motor stage (MSL) is an integrated actuator aimed at life sciences, medical, and semiconductor OEMs. The stages are available in vertical, horizontal, and multi-axes configurations. They incorporate ironless linear motors for smoothest possible motion and minimal velocity error. Even without the iron core, the motors still operate with very high force density, courtesy of a patented coil design.

nPL70 stages feature cross-roller bearings with anti-cage-creep technology. These components, combined with precision preloads, result In high stiffness and smooth, accurate motion. The stages are designed with a high natural frequency (high-bandwidth) for low settling times.

Applications include microscopy, sample positioning, and imaging. Other examples include light- to medium-duty applications such as photonic and fiber-optic manufacturing.

nPL70 Key Features

XY stacked Lassen linear motor stage

  • Highly configurable
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical, with magnetic or pneumatic counterbalance
    • Stackable multi-axis configurations without need for interface plates
  • High performance
    • Up to 11.9 N continuous force/47.6 N peak
    • Loads up to 10 kg
    • Velocities of up to 5 m/s
    • Travel up to 150 mm
    • Compact profile (25 mm high)
    • Multiple analog and digital encoder options for resolutions as good as 1 nm
    • Low-submicron repeatability, depending on drives and feedback
    • Fully integrated limit sensors
    • No moving cables
  • Quality manufacturing
    • Precision ground surfaces
    • Highly consistent product
    • Competitively priced
    • Built in-house by our skilled technicians
  • Customizable
    • Clean-room prepped
    • ESD safe options
    • Connector options, terminate cables as needed
    • The addition of mechanical elements such as brackets

Don’t see parameters that fit your requirements? Ask about customization. Let us optimize a solution around your application.

Visit the nPL70 page to learn more. 

BOTTOM VIEW                                                TOP VIEW

Lassen MSL linear motor stage line drawing (bottom view and top view)

Lassen MSL linear motor stage line drawing (front view)


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