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Drives - MS483 Step Drive

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MS483–Microstepping Stepper Drive

Vertex’s MS483 microstepping stepper drive is a stepper-motor controller designed and built by our team from the ground up. It applies multiple proprietary techniques to run a stepper motor smoothly, quietly, and with high power density. This performance makes the MS483 ideal for today’s most demanding motion applications.

photograph of MS483 Microstepping Stepper Drive

MS483 Key Features

  • Push-button self test
  • User adjustable standby current
  • Resolution upscaling at low speeds
  • High and  low power pinout connectors
  • Electrical Ratings: 8A Continuous / 80 VDC MaxB
  • Form, fit, and function compatible with the now-discontinued Schneider Electric/IMS IM483 and M805
  • Compensates for midband instability and resonances using all new algorithms, eliminating resonant frequencies at the midband
  • Resolutions ranging from half step to 256 microstep; able to run a stepper motor with resolution of up to 51200 PPR
  • Backward compatibility with decimal resolution motor controls

MS483 Microstepping Stepper Drive                     Line Drawing of MS483 Microstepping Stepper Drive

line drawing of MS483 microstepping stepper drive with pinout

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