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University Outreach

Outreach - MOSO booth at SME

At Motion Solutions, we believe in the importance of supporting the engineers of tomorrow. We actively support higher-education institutions and students through a variety of outreach and partnership efforts, including internships and career recruiting, product donations, sponsorships, and project mentorships.

In particular, we have strong relationships with California State University at Chico (CSU Chico), Laney College, and Stanford University. Our collaboration with CSU Chico takes on many forms. We have donated electro-mechanical components to the mechatronics department. Engineering students have interned at our facilities to get hands-on experience. We have also brought CSU Chico engineering graduates on board as full-time employees.

We have made a significant donation of electromechanical equipment to the FabLab at Laney College. Born out of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, the FabLab is essentially a high-tech workshop designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. FabLabs help support the growing maker movement. To help support this program, Motion Solutions donated a wide variety of equipment to the FabLab, including motors, drives, actuators, and various other components.

Outreach - Stanford ProjectOver the last several years, we provided guidance and assistance to the Stanford University Hyperloop project. We also advised members of the Stanford University Undergraduate Pre-Business Association on their product marketing plans.


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