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Piezo stages, often called piezoelectric or piezoelectric positioning stages, are precision motion devices that use piezoelectric materials to achieve extremely fine and rapid linear or rotary movements. These stages are known for their sub-nanometer precision and rapid response times, making them valuable tools in applications that require extremely precise positioning and rapid adjustments.
Piezo stages are primarily driven by piezoelectric actuators, which are devices that use the piezoelectric effect to generate motion. Piezoelectric materials deform when subjected to an electric field, and this deformation is used to achieve precise motion.

Renowned for their high precision and resolution, Piezo stages can provide positioning at the sub-nanometer or sub-micrometer scale, which is especially valuable in fields such as microscopy, nanotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Piezo stages have extremely fast response times due to the inherent characteristics of piezoelectric materials. They can make rapid adjustments and settle at a desired position quickly, making them suitable for dynamic applications.

Some piezo stages are designed to be non-magnetic and compatible with vacuum environments, making them suitable for applications in fields like electron microscopy, where magnetic interference or air contamination must be avoided.

They have minimal wear and friction because they operate without traditional mechanical components like gears and screws. This results in excellent long-term stability and longevity. Since piezo stages don’t rely on lubrication, they are ideal for applications where contamination or cleanliness is a concern.

Piezo stages are available in various configurations, including linear stages, rotary stages, and flexure stages, to suit different application requirements. Some stages can provide multi-axis motion in combination with traditional linear or rotary stages.

Piezo stages find application in fields such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), optical microscopy, laser processing, beam steering, and advanced optics. They are also used in high-precision industrial processes.

Piezo stages are valuable tools for researchers, engineers, and industries that require nanoscale or sub-nanoscale positioning and precise motion control. Their ability to provide rapid and extremely precise adjustments makes them essential in various cutting-edge technologies and scientific research applications.