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Clean-Sheet DesignHexagonal shapes


At Motion Solutions, we are proud to offer our expertise on a number of contract manufacturing strategies, whether it is clean sheet design, design for manufacturing, or cost engineering. Once you have a design, however, it needs to be built, and that’s where our component and product engineering services take it to another level.

Our component engineering services manufacture anything our design group has developed, and we customize nearly everything we sell so it meets the creator’s standards. Thanks to our fully staffed production facility, you can outsource part or all of your manufacturing needs, saving you money on staffing while streamlining assembly at a lower cost. Whether it is a very simple or highly complex solution, our contract manufacturing delivers.


We develop and adhere to best practices for project life-cycle management


We consistently follow detailed assembly, alignment, and test procedures


Every assembly we produce undergoes inspection and strict quality-assurance testing


We provide final inspection reports and certificates of conformance


When necessary, we provide material and plating certifications

Two engineers working with large machinery

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our custom electromechanical system and device engineering services don’t stop when we deliver the final design and BOM. We have the infrastructure and staff to move projects straight from engineering to volume manufacturing.

An engineer working in a manufacturing warehouse

Value-Added Distribution

Sometimes, just adding a small feature to a stock product or assembling two or three components together can provide big time and cost savings in the overall project. Our engineers and assembly technicians follow detailed procedures, and every subassembly undergoes strict QA testing and inspection.

A production engineer


Outsourcing with our design-build engineering firm enables companies to streamline assembly while cutting costs and reducing scrap. Our expert production staff can build to print, delivering even the most complex designs in volume, with full test and documentation.

The Performance You Expect at the Price You Want

Motion Solutions specializes in providing application-specific engineered systems to customers. We use our deep understanding of industry-leading vendors and in-depth design and component analysis to find the best available parts and processes. If what our client wants isn’t readily available, we can customize existing pieces or create new solutions in our 36,000-square-foot facility in Southern California. We have an extensive array of manufacturing and test equipment ready to meet any customer need.

In our fast-paced world, being able to build something isn’t enough. It must be built to exact specifications, it must be able to be produced in sufficient quantities, and it must be cost-effective. With manufacturing, sometimes it really is all about money. Cost Engineering is the process of examining every element of a product to determine how it can be built more economically, without compromising functionality. We scrutinize every element of design and manufacturing to determine where we can cut back costs.

After careful design and component analysis, we can usually find many ways to help drive costs down.

  • Alternative materials might be less expensive, but still provide full function and durability
  • Simplified designs make manufacturing cost-effective and require less manpower.
  • Revised tolerances is an often overlooked solution. Looser tolerances mean more flexibility, allowing for faster, easier production.
  • Optimizing component selection is where our engineers shine. With deep experience with many vendors, if there is a less expensive part out there that meets specifications, we’ll find it.
  • Finding manufacturing delays can be a big factor in lowering a product’s production cost. As they say, time is money and every fraction of a second adds up to an increased build time and expense.

Just finding a low-cost part isn’t enough. Our design analysis strives to find the perfect balance between quality, cost, and time. As your trusted cost engineering partner, we care as much about getting it right as you do. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.