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Industries We Serve

Motion Solutions provides custom, automation and motion control systems and component manufacturing services for a wide range of industries. Whether we are supplying automation components, manufacturing a client-designed subsystem, or engineering a product from scratch, with our support, our customers can best allocate the time of their in-house engineers, while delegating their motion related projects to our experts. Our experienced, highly educated engineers leverage their expertise and insight everyday to provide the best motion control solutions possible to our customers.

We offer a complete section of services in these industries:

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Nanopositioning Solutions for Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Microscopy, and Molecular Diagnostics Instrumentation.

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Life Sciences

Whether advancing a probe across the samples of a DNA well plate or counting the number of cancer cells that survive exposure to a candidate oncology drug, life sciences makes broad use of motion technology.

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Medical Equipment

Medical therapeutics and diagnostics is a hotbed of innovation. Here, companies with proprietary core technology tap the expertise of our Motion Solutions team to engineer medical devices and robotic equipment that can improve patient outcomes and save lives.

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Automation & Robotics

Automation and robotics is built around motion. Here, highly skilled machine builders, system integrators, and end-users assemble thousands of components into production lines that can stretch 100 feet or more.

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Motion Solutions has a long history of providing automation components, engineered solutions, and manufacturing services to the semiconductor industry.

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Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense market presents some of the most challenging applications around.
The systems and subsystems are mission-critical, whether rotating a radar tower to communicate with military assets or positioning a solar panel on a space telescope.

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Food & Beverage

For food manufacturers, making a consistent product is an essential aspect of production.
A candy bar made by an international confectioner should taste the same in Detroit as in Dubai. The manufacturing process needs to preserve flavor and appearance and above all, maintain safety standards.

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Packaging & Converting

Product packaging plays an essential role in the sales food chain, protecting the contents, providing consumer instructions, and attracting the purchaser to pick the product up and buy it in the first place.

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Motion Solutions provides conscientious and driven service

If all our suppliers were as conscientious and driven to provide the service needed as Motion Solutions, we would be in a much better position.