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A robotic arm

Automation & Robotics

Automation and robotics is built around motion.

Here, highly skilled machine builders, system integrators, and end-users assemble thousands of components into production lines that can stretch 100 feet or more. We support these customers with a comprehensive array of commercial-off-the shelf parts that they can use to build their designs. If a part with the required characteristics is not available, we can work with a customer on a custom design. We offer quality equipment from trusted suppliers, shipped direct from our warehouse. We work with our customers to get the level of customer support they need through our in-house engineers or our partners.

Sample Positioner for Laboratory Instrument

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Multi-purpose Actuator

As equipment becomes smaller and more portable, the need to address tight space constraints will become more prevalent. See how we solved a challenging pushrod actuator application that required high force in a tight space.

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On the factory floor, personnel work in and around moving equipment, whether that is in the form of process equipment, motion-control axes, or robotic arms. This ongoing exposure to risk makes safety equipment essential. We help customers develop safety scanner systems that can stop or slow robotic operation if personnel move into an unauthorized area, for example. Similarly, safety-rated drives and controllers can protect the maintenance technician who has to reach into the machine to clear a jam or replace a part. All too frequently, safety is tacked onto a design as an afterthought. At Motion Solutions, we have discovered that the most effective and economical approach to safety is to integrate it into the design from the very beginning. This is an integral part of our five-step engineering process.

The process industry makes up a significant portion of the US economy. For companies that produce plastic extrusions or that coat electronics, maintaining material at the correct process temperature is essential. We sell PLCs that can be integrated into the system to ensure that the products coming off of the line performed exactly as specified.