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Multi-purpose Actuator

Multi-purpose Actuator

Challenge: This OEM has a variety of tools that all use different actuators and manufacturers for similar functions. This is common among companies that grow via acquisition, or when there are different design engineers working on similar axes of motion on different tools. Sourcing these different actuators creates commercial issues like managing a high number of suppliers, buying in low volumes, and managing a high inventory count for replacement units. There Is also the manufacturing challenge of having field and production technicians be trained in a wide variety of actuators.

Solution: Motion Solutions developed a universal actuator that accommodates multiple mounting points, payloads and performance criteria.

Result: The OEM supply chain team can consolidate purchases down to one vendor and leverage pricing advantages through higher volume purchases; manufacturing and field support can reduce their training requirement to just one actuator.

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Our Design Process

“It’s really important to thoroughly understand the application. We would start by reviewing the statement of work or application information that the customer provides, and then we would have a consultative meeting to make sure that we really understand how the system should function, and all of the nuances that are associated with it.”

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