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Nanopositioning Solutions for Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Microscopy, and Molecular Diagnostics Instrumentation

Next-Generation Sequencing is within a portfolio of key technologies that is transforming healthcare. Next-Generation Sequencers are complex instruments which pose unique challenges for the motion sub-systems, warranting specialized nanopositioning system engineering for genomics and molecular diagnosis applications.

Step and Settle Performance

Step and Settle Performance graph

The proper use of mechanical and electrical motion technologies allows axes within high throughput sequencing instruments to step and settle into position rapidly with minimal system resonance.

Steady State Stability

Steady State Stability monitor

Axis stability within a complex instrument is a challenging task but is required for critical processes such as imaging. The proper design and repeatable manufacturing of critical axes can form a stable foundation within the motion system and provides a performance margin of safety.

Increased Throughput

throughputUnderstanding a full system’s architecture and interactions within the motion sub-systems allows for the identification of robust electro-mechanical solutions that respond quickly without disturbances that slow down throughput.

Reduced Cost

reduce costPursuit toward the $100 genome will increase adoption of genomic technology within healthcare. Identifying the ideal nanopositioning system engineering solutions that balance cost and performance can contribute to this breakthrough milestone.

Collaborative Solutions

collaborativeCollaboration is our top priority. As an extension of your engineering team, we consider your application requirements and constraints, then propose solutions that balance your cost, timeline, and performance goals.

Fast Innovation Cycles

cyclesMotion Solutions has made strategic investments into capital equipment and dedicated staff that will help your project advance and transition seamlessly from conceptualization to OEM manufacturing.

Omron Machine Vision Cameras

Omron Sentech CoaXPress

Omron Sentech CoaXPress Cameras

4M, 12M, High speed (186fps at 12M pixel), Top angle type also available

Omron GigE Vision Line Scan

Omron GigE Vision Line Scan Cameras

Single & dual line scan camera line up, Compact and easy to attach design, 2K/4K/8K line up, Lens mount: F/M42/C


Omron Sentech USB3 Vision® Cameras

Sony CMOS [Pregius] adopted cameras are lined up, High resolution·high speed CMOS sensors adopted, Compact, robust and easy to attach

Awards, Certificates & Resources

Supplier Excellence Award

ISO 13485 Certification

White Paper


The Motion Solutions Difference

Motion Technology

Motion Technology

We offer both broad motion and nanopositioning system engineering technologies to adapt to optimize the solution for performance, cost, and packaging:

  • Direct Drive Linear Motor & Voice Coil
  • Piezomotor
  • Ballscrew & Leadscrew
  • Cross Rollers, Flexures, Air Bearings, & Ball Bearings


Motion Solutions collaborative culture

Collaborative Culture

Our mission is to partner with innovators to challenge the limits of motion technology to make the world a better place.

There are multiple approaches to every problem. Diverse thinking and collaboration can produce unique solutions that enable breakthroughs in the development process.

  • 20+ degreed experienced engineers across multiple disciplines
  • A five Phase engineering process of data-driven review of solutions from conceptualization and throughout production
  • Embracing innovation and continuous improvement in our business and products
Development Tools & Resources

Development Tools & Resources

Motion Solutions has made investments into technology & capital equipment allowing us to be an agile, responsive partner in your genomics and molecular diagnosis development process:

  • Laser Lab for Motion System Development & Characterization (Interferometry and Autocollimator Tools)
  • CNC Machine Shop for Rapid Prototypes and Proof of Concepts
  • Tools and staff for verification and validation programs prior to production transfer.

Robust Production and Supply Chain

At MOSO we are committed to quality in both our products and execution of customer projects utilizing an array of tools and systems:

  • ISO13485 Certified Facility
  • Cradle-to-Grave Product Management
  • Lot control & serialized manufacturing
  • Inventory & Supply Programs to Support OEM Manufactuing
  • Partnerships with best-in-class material suppliers in motion control and automation.

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