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The Six Myths of Stage Error Mapping

Stage-error mapping – measuring absolute positioning error at a specified set of sampling points – has gained a reputation as a method for achieving high-accuracy motion control with lower-cost equipment. The theory is sound. The problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions around stage-error mapping that can lead to its use in unsuitable applications, with disappointing results. Want to dispel the myths of stage-error mapping and learn how you can use it for maximum benefit? Read on.

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Five Tips for Specifying Motion Systems for Step and Settle Applications

[Editor’s note: For a detailed discussion of how to specify the stage for step and settle applications, see our whitepaper Step and settle motion is a fundamental support technology for a variety of critical systems, such as DNA sequencers, semiconductor wafer-inspection systems, diagnostic imagers, and more. While OEMs typically...

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Laser Laboratory

How do we measure stage accuracy? The Motion Solutions laser laboratory has metrology testing equipment used to characterize our high-precision stages. Our 6-axes laser interferometer allows us to simultaneously measure linear accuracy, repeatability, pitch, yaw, roll, flatness, and straightness.

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