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Linear, Piezo, and Z-Focus Stages

Motion Solutions has built a catalog of dependable, high-quality standard motion products over the past 60 years that can solve problems as is or serve as a basis for a custom solution. Our motion control systems and linear and rotary stages can be coupled to form a multi-axis subassembly designed specifically for your project. The Motion Solutions catalog has the ideal cost-effective solution for your application, including robust high speed solutions that will improve throughput and stages with the finest precision currently available.

Linear Stages

Linear stages are mechanical or electromechanical devices designed to provide controlled and precise linear motion in one dimension along a straight path. They are commonly used in applications requiring accurate positioning, including semiconductor manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing, scientific research, and quality control processes. They are also used in systems that require automated sample handling and precise positioning, such as in microscopy and medical devices.

Linear stages use guiding mechanisms to ensure smooth and precise motion. Common guiding mechanisms include linear ball bearings, crossed roller bearings, and air bearings. The stages are known for their high precision and accuracy. They are capable of sub-micron or sub-millimeter positioning, making them suitable for tasks where exact positioning is critical.

Linear stages come in various load capacities, ranging from a few grams to several tons. The load capacity is important when selecting a linear stage to ensure it can support the intended application. Linear stages use different drive mechanisms to achieve motion, including ball screws, lead screws, linear motors, piezoelectric actuators, and air bearings. The choice of drive mechanism depends on factors such as speed, precision, and load capacity. The cost can vary widely depending on factors like travel range, precision, load capacity, and drive mechanism. High-precision stages with long travel ranges tend to be more expensive.

Most linear stages incorporate feedback systems, such as encoders, resolvers, or linear scales, to provide accurate position feedback. These systems enable closed-loop control and help maintain precise positioning.

Our stages offer high performance for a wide variety of applications. Stepper motor stages with ball screws or lead screws are often used in positioning applications due to their high stiffness. Linear motor stages are preferred when higher speeds and accelerations are required. All stages are designed and built in our Middleton, WI, and Irvine, CA facilities.

The products can be customized for clean room, vacuums, and harsh environments with options in materials, coatings, and grease types. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to easily customize our offerings to meet space constraints and performance requirements. Our team focuses on partnering with OEM customers to provide application-specific, optimized solutions.

Linear stages are crucial tools in industries and research fields requiring precise linear motion. They enable automation, reduce human error, and improve efficiency in tasks that demand high levels of precision and repeatability.

Multi-axis configurations are also available. Motion controllers and drives are available in bench-top and OEM configurations.

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HDS75 Stage

Heavy Duty Linear-Guide Stage

LGS25 Stage

Linear Guide Stage, 25mm height

nPL70L Stage

Linear Motor Stage

Piezo Stages

Piezo stages, often called piezoelectric or piezoelectric positioning stages, are precision motion devices that use piezoelectric materials to achieve extremely fine and rapid linear or rotary movements. These stages are known for their sub-nanometer precision and rapid response times, making them valuable tools in applications that require extremely precise positioning and rapid adjustments.
Piezo stages are primarily driven by piezoelectric actuators, which are devices that use the piezoelectric effect to generate motion. Piezoelectric materials deform when subjected to an electric field, and this deformation is used to achieve precise motion.

Renowned for their high precision and resolution, Piezo stages can provide positioning at the sub-nanometer or sub-micrometer scale, which is especially valuable in fields such as microscopy, nanotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Piezo stages have extremely fast response times due to the inherent characteristics of piezoelectric materials. They can make rapid adjustments and settle at a desired position quickly, making them suitable for dynamic applications.

Some piezo stages are designed to be non-magnetic and compatible with vacuum environments, making them suitable for applications in fields like electron microscopy, where magnetic interference or air contamination must be avoided.

They have minimal wear and friction because they operate without traditional mechanical components like gears and screws. This results in excellent long-term stability and longevity. Since piezo stages don’t rely on lubrication, they are ideal for applications where contamination or cleanliness is a concern.

Piezo stages are available in various configurations, including linear stages, rotary stages, and flexure stages, to suit different application requirements. Some stages can provide multi-axis motion in combination with traditional linear or rotary stages.

Piezo stages find application in fields such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), optical microscopy, laser processing, beam steering, and advanced optics. They are also used in high-precision industrial processes.

Piezo stages are valuable tools for researchers, engineers, and industries that require nanoscale or sub-nanoscale positioning and precise motion control. Their ability to provide rapid and extremely precise adjustments makes them essential in various cutting-edge technologies and scientific research applications.

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Piezo Z focus stage


Compact, 3-axis piezo stage

RXY3-276 Nanopositioning Piezo Stage

RXY3-276 – Redesign underway

Fast, tip-tilt piezo stage

Z-Focus Stages

Optics focusing requires specialized knowhow. Whether your scanning on the fly or looking for a step/settle/focus solutions, our motorized precision positioners are designed to satisfy the demanding needs of the z-focus applications.

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nPS35 Stage

Compact Stages with Cross-roller Bearings

nPS70 Stage

Compact Stages with Cross-roller Bearings

nPL70Z Stage

Linear Motor Stage

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