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Hexagonal shapes

HDS75 Stage

Heavy Duty Linear-Guide Stage

The HDS75 linear guide stages are ruggedized, budget-friendly positioners designed for heavy loads. They can position high masses, high moment loads, and variable center-of-gravity loads to repeatabilities as tight as 10 µm. The HDS75 stages are both accurate and rigid, courtesy of an extruded aluminum U-channel base and high-load linear guides. Because the screws are supported at both ends, they are under tension, increasing critical speed. Stages can be combined in XY configurations without the need for an adapter bracket; Z-axis stages do require a support bracket.

Because we build the stages in-house, users have many options, starting with a choice of photo/proximity sensors. Other options include choice of leads, motor mounts, cover types, and more, including a hand-cranked version. Like our other products, the HDS75 stage can be customized to serve particular needs.

HDS75 Key Features

Rugged design

  • Linear guides rated for 24.2 kN (5,440 lbs) per block, four blocks per bearing
  • Caged bearings for long lifetime
  • Extruded aluminum U-channel base
  • High-stiffness design eliminates need for additional supports


  • High critical speed
  • 78.4 kN static capacity (radial direction)
  • 11.6 kN axial capacity
  • Anti-backlash lead-screw nut


  • Photo/proximity sensors
  • Lead-screw and ball-screw versions
  • Lead options
    • Acme lead screws: 0.100”, 0.125”, 0.200”, 0.375”, 0.625”.
    • Ballscrews: 2, 5, 10, 16, and 50 mm
  • Lengths of up to 2 m
  • NEMA 23, NEMA 34, 60-mm and 80-mm diameter servo mounts
  • Wrap brackets for parallel motor mounting
  • Linear encoder option
  • Servo, stepper motor, and integrated motor drives
  • Hardcover or bellows protection
  • Optional sensor kits

Custom options

  • Clean-room compatibility
  • Vacuum compatibility
  • Ingress protection
  • Anticorrosion coatings
  • Mechanical elements such as brackets

Part Number Image FPO


Slide Block

Base Length (Stroke)

Nut Type

Motor Bracket

Sensor Option

Axial Support Option

Special Options

Load And Accuracy Standard (Linear Guides)

Load And Accuracy Standard (Screw)

Load And Accuracy Standard (Support Bearing)

Sensor Options

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