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Clean-Sheet Design

Converting Your Concept to Reality

A clean-sheet design is when we start with nothing but a blank sheet of paper and the customer’s needs. When a project requires that we start from scratch, the team at our mechatronics engineering company begins by evaluating our customer’s initial concept and requirements. Then, we take those ideas and begin prototyping.

Every clean-sheet design project goes through our five-step product development process:


Project Planning

We develop a project around the customer’s needs. The project plan sets milestones, expectations, and timetables, and helps determine who needs to be involved at each step.


Preliminary Design

We develop a basic concept with the customer, melding their needs and desires with our own expertise and craftsmanship.


Detailed Design

Before we can build anything, there must be a design detailed enough to be manufactured. This is where our knowledge in areas such as motion control components, mechatronics assembly design, and our partnership with manufacturers allows us to create well-thought-out designs.



This is where we finally build something. The prototype is the first construction. A working prototype is essential to ensure that the completed design functions as intended. Once the prototype is thoroughly tested, it’s time to move on to the final phase.



Taking a concept and prototype to full production takes developed processes and experience; Motion Solutions has both. The final step in taking your mechatronic solutions into production is the creation of the assembly and test procedure documentation. We use these procedures to launch into volume production and maintain long term quality.

Tissue Sectioning

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Tissue Sectioning

This customer faced the challenge of a demanding product development timeline and limited resources to use to solve their challenge. They selected to work with Motion Solutions on a clean-sheet design and laid out both the mechanical and electrical requirements and specifications. From there, Motion Solutions went to work to come up with design that exceeded them all period.

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Partial Clean-Sheet Design

Partial clean-sheet design is when a customer has an existing plan or actual product to adapt or improve. We still use our five-step product development process, although some steps may be more or less complex depending upon the changes or improvements the mechatronic system requires.

For all projects, we use a mature development process based on mechatronic design, which integrates our mechanical and electrical engineering services from the beginning to avoid problems and conflicts in later stages of the design. This process is based on the following:

  • From the start of our PLM process, procedures are in place to comply with ISO 13485 for both documentation and quality control.
  • We use Solid Works 3-D CAD for structural design, ensuring quality.
  • Utilize Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the design of the mechatronics system
  • Numerous prototyping cycles when applicable
  • Code written by our developers to ensure the completed system operates as expected.

Our mechatronic engineers take into account not only the mechanical functions of the design, but the electrical engineering aspects as well. Our team specifies motors, drives, control systems, and safety layers. Full testing requires more than just the physical prototype. Our developers write code to ensure the completed system operates as expected.

Finally, the first prototypes are ready for testing.

Typically, it will take multiple prototyping cycles to generate the final prototype. Once the prototype is functional, we ensure that it is ready for high volume manufacturing.

For a finished project, along with the working prototypes we deliver detailed plans, performance analysis, manufacturing procedures, testing protocols, and bill of materials (BOM).

From clean-sheet design to the finalized prototype, our mechatronic engineering company is in business to help our customers achieve their goals. We consider your success our success. Reach out to us today to discuss your next project.

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