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nPS70 Stage

Compact Stages with Cross-roller Bearings

The nPS70 are compact stages with cross-roller bearings. They are offered in both lead screw (LS) and ball screw (BS) versions. The lead screw option allows for lower cost and is especially helpful in vertical applications where self-locking is needed. The ball screw option is available for applications requiring higher efficiency, duty cycle or speed.

Combining these stages with any piezo stages creates multi-axis systems that offer up to 25 mm of positioning range and high-speed scanning necessary in Photonics, Precision Assembly and Biomedical applications.

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Specifications DescriptionnPS70-05LS25nPS70-10BS25
Maximum Travel25 mm 25mm
Screw Lead0.5 mm (Leadscrew)1.0 mm (Ballscrew)
Maximum Velocity (unloaded)4 mm/s10 mm/s
Accuracy (Full Travel ISO 230)30 um30 um
Bi-directional Repeatability (Full Travel)4 um4 um
Pitch220 urad220 urad
Yaw220 urad220 urad
Rotary Encoder Resolutions (for homeing and stall detection)20000 cts/rev20000 cts/rev
Linear Travel per microStep *25 nm50 nm
Minimum Incremental Step **100 nm200 nm
Maximum Load Horizontal20 Kg20 Kg
Maximum Load Vertical5 Kg5 Kg
Maximum Load Moment (Pitch)55 Nm55 Nm
Maximum Load Moment (Yaw)55 Nm55 Nm
Maximum Load Moment (Roll)74 Nm74 Nm
Optional Limit SensorHall, 5V NPN/PNPHall, 5V NPN/PNP
Stage MaterialAIAI
Stage Mass650 gr650 gr
Cable Length2 m2 m
Motor Specifications Details
Motor2 phase stepper
Motor Step Angle1.8 degrees
Motor Max Voltage48 Vdc
Motor Rated Current1.25 Amp
Motor Phase Inductance2.8 mH
Motor Resistance1.86 Ohm

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* Smallest step that the drive can command when micro stepping is used

** Smallest step that the stage can repeatably perform while moving in the same direction

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