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Bill Saunders

Bill Saunders

Vice President of Sales

Bill Saunders, currently Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Motion Solutions, occupies a pivotal leadership role in driving business growth. He excels at building highly effective sales teams to nurture relationships with new and existing customers and provides them with a compelling vision to exceed customer needs. He has over 2 decades of experience working with engineers in the mechatronics space. His long-standing passion for engineering leads him to focus on helping customers find the best solutions for their motion problems, whether that involves clean-sheet design or helping to select the optimal stock components.

Bill’s vast manufacturing expertise and understanding come from 25+ years in various roles in the industry. Bill was previously regional sales manager at Panasonic, where he focused on high-performance motion-control platforms. The role enabled him to develop designs from concept to full production. Prior to that, he spent almost 10 years working for Omron, a company that is now a Motion Solutions’ supply partner. At Omron, Bill’s positions included US business development manager, strategic accounts manager, and area sales manager for Omron Scientific. In the latter position, he focused on safety PLCs and safety controls. He used his knowledge of ISO 13849 and ANSI B11 to teach training courses to customers and distributors, as well as to help customers design safety-enabled systems. Prior to Omron, he amassed intensive customer-facing experience as a sales engineer for two different automation suppliers and distributors.

In his free time, Bill enjoys traveling, scuba diving, sailing, mountain biking, and camping with his family. He holds a BSME from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA from California State University, Hayward.