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Wally Logan

Wally Logan

Vice President of Engineering

Wally Logan brings in-depth engineering expertise to his position as Vice President of Engineering at Motion Solutions. Wally began at Motion Solutions, then called Bearing Engineers, directly out of college. He started as an applications engineer, training under company cofounder Bob Bloom to learn the proprietary techniques the Bearing Engineers principles developed to optimize motion system performance. Wally was also mentored by Tom O’Sullivan, who was instrumental in establishing the Motion Solutions engineering services group. Working with O’Sullivan, Wally gained extensive practical experience in design aspects such as working with square-rail bearings and other techniques used to maximize the performance of custom-designed subassemblies.

Wally worked his way up to chief engineer, growing along with the company. As the custom manufacturing business took on increasingly complex projects, Motion Solutions needed greater oversight over production, test, quality assurance, etc. Wally became vice president of engineering, adding oversight to his existing engineering roles. Today, he leads a thriving Engineered Solutions Group, positioning Motion Solutions for ongoing growth.

Logan is a classic car enthusiast, restoring and racing a 1968 Chevy Camaro. He holds a BS ME from California State University at Long Beach.