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Engineering isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. We can customize nearly everything we sell, from modifying housings and mechanical interfaces to fine-tuning performance parameters. Interested in custom assemblies?

Engineered Solutions

Motion Solutions has a long history of providing engineered solutions that encompass both engineering services and manufacturing. With more than 20 degreed electrical and mechanical engineers, we have deep domain expertise in the area of motion. And we have one driving purpose: to use that motion expertise to help our customers achieve their goals.

We recognize that no two projects⎯or companies⎯are alike. As a result, our focus is on delivering the support and services most appropriate for each case. We work with clients across a continuum ranging from application support on their designs to extensive collaboration on complex clean-sheet designs. It’s our ability to adapt to and deliver on customer needs that best defines us as an organization.

MOSO Engineering ServicesEngineering services: Our engineering services team performs design services at a variety of levels. We can start with a concept and build out to prototype. We can do design for manufacturing analysis on prototype designs. We also perform redesigns for cost down on existing devices and subsystems. Learn more about engineering services

ManufacturingManufacturing: Engineering Services doesn’t stop with design. Motion Solutions serves as a specialty production house. Customers who visit our facility find our engineers and assembly technicians building very complex electromechanical subsystems, in volume, month after month. We offer light manufacturing, build subassemblies to suit, and manufacture any subsystem that our design group has developed. With a 36,000 ft.² primary production facility fully staffed with motion experts, we work with customers to build parts and assemblies to whatever level they need. Learn more about manufacturing

MOSO processOur Process: In the course of designing and building thousands of projects, we have developed a five-step in engineering process to maximize performance while minimizing cost and time. Every project kicks off with a formalized intake procedure to define objectives, specifications, and deliverables. We develop a detailed project plan with budget and schedule, and apply best practices in program management to ensure that we stay on target. Learn more about our process

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