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Multi Axis Flexure Stages with Piezo Actuators for Nano-positioning Applications:

  • 1 Axis, 2 Axis, 3 Axis, and Tip Tilt configurations.
  • Microscope objective stages with 100µm, 250µm, 400µm, 500µm 1000µm range

Benefits of Piezo Flexure Stages

  • Great Reliability
  • High-Speed Motion
  • Billions of Cycles
  • Millisecond Step and Settle Times
  • Smooth Linear Motion
  • Nanometer Positional Accuracy
  • Can be fitted with a strain gauge or capacitive sensor for closed-loop feedback.
  • No Friction
  • Operate in UHV Environments
  • Extremely low Parasitic Motion
  • Low Out-of-Plane Motion
  • Long Term Stability

Piezo Z focus stage


Compact XYZ nano-positioning
piezo stage with 100µm range

tip tilt nano 1

Accurate tip-tilt nano
positioning piezo stage