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Step and Settle or Continuous Scanning to achieve higher throughput?
How does stage flatness impact your Optical Imaging Application?
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“Our instrument relies on excellent stage flatness to reduce focusing time and increase overall throughput to meet our customer requirements. Motion Solutions delivered a stage that helped us meet our goals and reduced overall design timeline.”

VP of Engineering
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XY- Direct Drive

XY- Direct Drive

System Specifications
Strokes, Minimum:

  • BOTTOM AXIS (Y-AXIS): 200mm
  • TOP AXIS (X-AXIS): 270mm

Max Velocity: 60 mm/s
Max Acceleration: 12 m/s^2
Accuracy (Tune-Dependent): ± 8 μm, Error Mapped
Repeatability (Tune-Dependent): 0.8 μm, Bi-Directional
Payload: 4 KG
Perpendicularity: 10 Arc-Seconds
Flatness, Per Axis, In Imaging Area: 15 μm
Straightness, Per Axis, In Imaging Area: 10 μm



Linear Motor
Length: 84, 168, 210 mm
Stroke: 25, 45, 100, 150 mm
Accuracy: 4 -14 µm
Repeatability: 0.4- 2 µm
Straightness & Flatness: 4- 8 µm
Load: 10Kg

  • Stackable without interface plates
  • No moving cables
  • High bandwidth
  • Fast response
  • Rapid settling time
  • Compact profile (25 mm high)
  • Integrated limit sensors
  • Cleanroom option
  • Anticorrosion treatments
  • Custom solutions available