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High-Speed Optical Gantry (XY Positioner)

High-Speed Optical Gantry (XY Positioner)

Challenge: Shorten focusing times in new-generation system using a high-precision stage. Flatness, straightness, and speed in a particular imaging area are critical to the application. Specs are not as critical outside of the specified imaging area.

Solution: Motion Solutions utilized ground and lapped aluminum bases, super-precision grade linear guides to help maintain flatness and straightness, stainless steel optical encoder for positioning and linear motor as a drive mechanism for speed and precision. The solution included external components, and Motion Solutions-designed machined parts.

Result: MOSO’s responsive and timely work produced the high-speed optical gantry on granite leading to a reduction in focusing times. Results in specified imaging area:

  • X-Axis Straightness: 0.59 microns
  • X-Axis Flatness: 0.93 microns
  • X-Axis Repeatability: 0.38 microns, bi-directional
  • Y-Axis Straightness: 5.5 microns
  • Y-Axis Flatness: 3.4 microns
  • Y-Axis Repeatability: 1.26 microns, bi-directional
  • Settling Time (10mm move, 1G acceleration, 4kg load): 7 ms; Total move under 100 ms)
  • XY Perpendicularity: 8 arc-seconds

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“It’s really important to thoroughly understand the application. We would start by reviewing the statement of work or application information that the customer provides, and then we would have a consultative meeting to make sure that we really understand how the system should function, and all of the nuances that are associated with it.”

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