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Low-cost XY Positioning System

Motion Solutions XY positioning system

Challenge: Produce an extremely low cost XY positioning system for a budget version of an existing product while maintaining adequate accuracy and resolution to fill the needs of the application.

Solution: Existing lead screw stages (LGS) were modified to bring down cost while maintaining the rigidity required by the application. Interferometric testing with open loop 1.8-degree stepper motors confirmed that the system accuracy and resolution was sufficient based on the mechanics alone, eliminating the need for encoder feedback and further reducing cost. Motion Solutions will also provide metrology resources during a site visit to assist the customer in evaluating three competing prototype XY assemblies.

Result: An XY assembly with an order of magnitude cost reduction that still meets the spec for the reduced cost system.

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Our Design Process

“It’s really important to thoroughly understand the application. We would start by reviewing the statement of work or application information that the customer provides, and then we would have a consultative meeting to make sure that we really understand how the system should function, and all of the nuances that are associated with it.”

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