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Motorized XY Actuator Assembly with Override

Motorized XY Actuator Assembly with Override

Challenge: XY positioning of large load (650 lb) with additional safety factors including manual override to position counterweight for larger assembly

Solution: Custom length heavy duty HDS actuators, motion control; full bolt stress analysis, FEA, and programming

Key Characteristics:

  • Load: 650 lb, possible incline of +/- 10 degrees; Proof load is 2X standard load
  • Speed: .125 in/sec; .300 in/sec possible
  • Strokes: 24” in X, 50” in Y
  • Dimensional Requirements: 48” x 89” x 9” (X, Y, Z, respectively)
  • Specific material and finish requirements for mechanical and electrical components
  • Customer-specified mechanical interfaces
  • Electrical box with HMI
  • No exposed serial/USB/common computer interfaces; no RF connection; no accessible non-volatile memory after final assembly

Result: Our team of engineers was able to design, create and deliver the Motorized XY Actuator Assembly as per the customer’s requirements.

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Our Design Process

“It’s really important to thoroughly understand the application. We would start by reviewing the statement of work or application information that the customer provides, and then we would have a consultative meeting to make sure that we really understand how the system should function, and all of the nuances that are associated with it.”

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