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XZ Stage for tight space

XZ Stage for tight space

Challenge: Our client was looking for a well plate positioning system that could fit in a very tight space and provide XZ positioning. The tight space requirements eliminated many options for traditional XZ combinations.

Solution: A custom design that would address the motion needs. Motion Solutions provided a low profile X translational stage on cross roller bearings and a dual drive voice coil Z stage to achieve the desired positioning. Linear encoders are used for feedback, and cable paths are tightly managed to interface seamlessly with the instrument’s main structure. 

Result: Motion Solutions was able to provide a custom solution at the target production price point. This required a collaborative design effort as the overall system was concurrently developed, and motion system requirements changed throughout the process. Our intimate knowledge of bearing technology allows for optimal performance and product selection, minimizing the size of the overall XZ stage. 

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Our Design Process

“It’s really important to thoroughly understand the application. We would start by reviewing the statement of work or application information that the customer provides, and then we would have a consultative meeting to make sure that we really understand how the system should function, and all of the nuances that are associated with it.”

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