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We offer support – the way you want it. Our engineering services company applies proven technologies and established processes to help customers with DMF, cost engineering, and clean sheet design solutions. We can start with a concept and build out to prototype. We can do design for manufacturing analysis on prototype designs. We also perform redesigns for cost down on existing devices and subsystems.

In each of these cases, we apply proven technologies and well-established processes. Over the years, the members of our engineering service company designed and built thousands of custom engineered solutions. Chances are we have already worked on a problem similar to yours. But if not, our experienced team of engineers will collaborate with you to determine the best approach.

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Motion Solutions partners with innovators to provide engineering services to design and build high-performance electromechanical motion systems. We are a design-build engineering firm that works as an extension of your Engineering Department.

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At Motion Solutions, we are proud to offer our expertise on a number of contract manufacturing strategies, whether it is clean-sheet design, design for manufacturing, or cost engineering. Once you have a design, however, it needs to be built, and that’s where our component and product engineering services take it to another level.

They bring many different solutions to the table

Motion Solutions is forward thinking and goes above and beyond in engaging Mizuho OSI in consultative roles with both Supply Chain and Engineering collaboration. They bring many different solutions to the table for solving complex challenges. Motion Solutions is very detailed oriented, and I appreciate their prompt and accurate quotes, as well as their Engineering services.