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Cable Testing

The Importance of Cable Testing

We pride ourselves on manufacturing a quality product that works the first time and every time you need it. A measure that we take that others don’t is we test our cables using Cirris Cable Testing equipment. Anytime you have a connector or connection, you have a potential failure point. We have found that about 90% of failures in the field are due to faulty cables and connectors. To circumvent the problem, we test 100% of our cables and connectors before they go to the field to ensure that everyone is working properly.

We test pin to pin, pin to ground and from a HIPOT standpoint where we put 1,500 volts into the connections to make sure there aren’t any cold solder joints or nicks in cable to cause failures.

Take a moment to review our video on our Cirris Cable Testing procedure.

Press the arrow or click below to watch the video:

Motion Solutions - Bill Lackey

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Bill Lackey, Vice President of Automation, Motion Solutions

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