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Got a Tough Motion Control Project? Consider a Delta Tau Controller.

Customers often turn to Motion Solutions to solve their most difficult positioning challenges. When our engineered solutions team and applications engineers need the ultimate in motion control performance, we turn to Omron Delta Tau controllers. Although there are many motion controllers and PLCs in the marketplace that can handle applications ranging from simple to moderately challenging, few shine in the ability to handle highly complex motion and machine architecture requirements. For these types of projects, the Omron Delta Tau motion control platform provides a flexible, sophisticated solution.

If you have a demanding application with high performance requirements and tight tolerances, you may be trying to decide which controller is best for you. Providing a full range of products from OEM style controllers to rack-mount scalable motion systems to all-in-one drive control solutions, Delta Tau’s powerful machine control can be used across a broad range of automation applications and industries (see figure 1). With the help of the Motion Solutions team, you can be up and running with minimum effort and maximum performance.

Omron Delta Tau controllers
Figure 1: Controller options include the Power UMAC controller (left), which can be built up slice by slice to provide a custom motion control and machine control solution, and the PowerBrick (right), which integrates controller and drive to perform sophisticated functions like vibration suppression, skew compensation, and more. (Courtesy of Omron Delta Tau)

Flexibility and functionality

The Delta Tau Power PMAC motion control platform is built for high performance and demanding applications. With fast multicore CPUs, enough memory for complex applications, and a real-time multi-tasking operating system, Delta Tau motion controllers can control up to 256 axes of precision motion simultaneously. Leveraging a Linux real-time operating system, the Power PMAC motion control platform gives programmers the choice of using standard C or proprietary PMAC Script Language programmers to develop their applications.

The platform supports complex calculations like inverse kinematics, matrix transformations, and trigonometric and linear algebra functions are supported by Power PMAC motion controllers. Built-in features include skew compensation, coordinate transformations, and vibration suppression.

Automation systems depend on connectivity. The Power PMAC motion control platform can be used with a comprehensive selection of physical-layer interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, and serial, along with standard industrial protocols such as EtherCAT, ModbusTCP, DeviceNet, and CANopen, just to name a few. MACRO, an Ethernet-style protocol developed by Delta Tau and run over fiber-optic cable, supports links as long as 485 miles. MACRO enables OEMs to overcome the distance limitations imposed by conventional fieldbuses while still achieving ring update rates of up to 200 kHz.

Delta Tau motion products are highly configurable to interface with your machine mechanics. They support a variety of motor types, including DC brush, brushless servo, linear motor, voice coil, piezoelectric, stepper, galvanometers, and AC induction motors. Support for feedback protocols is similarly comprehensive, including absolute, digital A quad B, and sinusoidal encoders; resolvers; and Interferometers. The controller platform enables multiple feedback types to be used within a given application. Various general purpose and specialized I/O cards for analog and digital sources expand to accommodate your peripheral requirements.

Supporting success

With flexibility and functionality at the core of Delta Tau’s offerings, skilled and knowledgeable support staff is crucial for effective product selection and integration during machine development. As a result of the partnership between Motion Solutions and Omron, our applications engineers have extensive training and experience with Delta Tau equipment. We have deployed and supported a wide variety systems across many different industries. Our established relationships with Omron Delta Tau corporate, technical support, and factory engineers enable us to get systems up and running quickly. Motion Solutions can also develop custom stages and, in combination with Delta Tau controllers, provide complete solutions. These examples highlight just a few of the many ways our partnership brings value to customers.

The expansive offerings of Omron Delta Tau and the scalable nature of their products unlock the ability to interface with your most demanding and complicated projects. It is our pleasure at Motion Solutions to help you navigate and select the architecture that will solve your challenges with the most optimal and efficient method. Whether your application requires 1 mm, 1 mm, or sub-micron precision, our engineering team is here to answer questions and provide your team with the support you desire. With a trusted channel partner like Motion Solutions, OEMs can be confident in realizing the benefits and power of Omron Delta Tau motion products. Our goal is to help you. Our goal is your success.

About the Author
Alex Polo is a Sales Engineer and linear motion specialist at Motion Solutions.

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