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Microscope Nanopositioning Stage

Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy provides optical sectioning capabilities to depths of greater than 1mm at diffraction limit resolution. Compared to confocal, multiphoton microscopy allows deeper imaging into tissue, making it the technique of choice for thicker tissue specimens, such as brain slices or tumor or lymph node explants, as well is intravital imaging in small animal models.  nPoint’s nPFocus piezo stage provides the resolution and range required to move an objective lens to provide the optical sectioning capabilities needed as a part of multi-photon microscopy system.

Microscope Nanopositioning Stage

The nPFocus is an accessory for off-axis imaging.  A rotating or orbital nosepiece is a device that allows the user to image specimen areas that are not accessible from the vertical access.  The orbital nosepiece allows the objective to be tilted at an angle.  This is especially important when imaging live animals where the area of interest may not be at the top and is also important when trying to align with continuous structures that lie along a particular axis.  Precise alignment along an axis ensures that one can capture all the structure of interest without moving out of the field of view and facilitates minimization of light scatter which can reduce depth of penetration into a sample.  A piezo stage mounted on to an orbital nosepiece allows the movement of the objective off the vertical axis but precisely on the axis of interest allowing the acquisition of optical sections.

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