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Overhead Crane Room

Overhead Crane Room

Why do we need an overhead crane? At Motion Solutions, we build large high-precision equipment that weighs thousands of pounds and needs to be handled with care. The crane allows us to efficiently handle and gently move heavy equipment without doing damage. In the past, we used a forklift but have upgraded to a 60-foot gantry crane with a 3-ton capacity that allows us to quickly and smoothly move heavy equipment onto our large format CMM machine for testing and inspection. Our CMM has a three-tenths accuracy over the entire 200 inches of travel. Watch the video to see our Crane Room and find out why and how we use it to benefit our clients. As a Motion Solutions partner, you have access to several engineering services, including our crane room, to support your program.

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Wally Logan

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Wally Logan, Vice President of Engineering, Motion Solutions

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