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Hexagonal shapes

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Piezo Flexure Stage Footprint

The size and shape of a stage is very important when choosing the right system for your application.  Consider how the stage will be integrated in the system. Some stages are designed for certain functions like moving a microscope objective while others are designed solely for AFM applications.  Be sure to look at the physical size of the stage to determine if it will fit within the design requirements of a particular application. Some stages are available with common sample holders for standard microscope slides and petri dishes. If an aperture is required for certain applications be sure that the aperture size is large enough to best fit your requirements.

Small footprint XYZ stage for AFM scanning and precision positioning

Z axis stage for precision positioning and scanning in optics

Small footprint X axis stage for fast precision positioning

Large aperture XYZ stage for microscopy and general positioning

Tip/tilt piezo stage for beam steering and stabilization

These are merely a few examples of the different sizes and shapes of piezo stages.  Often times it is important to design custom stages for certain applications. Since there are a variety of different requirements for size, shape, speed, and resolution it is important to consider what specifications are most important to your design.  Getting the right fit will ensure a successful design.

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