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RXY3-410 Nanopositioning Piezo Stage

Tip Tilt Piezo Stage Mirror Mounting

A tip tilt piezo stage provides the opportunity to dynamically scan a mirror with extreme precision and control. Piezo mirrors are used for laser beam steering and image stabilization applications. There are a variety of options built into nPoint systems for mounting purposes. Below are only a few suggestions, as custom mounting platforms and stages are available. These examples are for the RXY3-410 but similar techniques can be used on other stages.

Mounting any mass to a piezo stage will affect the system resonance. Mirror mass should be kept to a minimum for any dynamic application. With the mirror shape and mass, it is possible to model the expected resonance and potential bandwidth of the system. nPoint engineers would be happy to do this for you!

Tip Tilt Piezo Stage Mirror Mounting Options

Mounting via Removable Adapter

Custom machined adapters can be fitted for mirror removal as desired. Optics can also be glued to the adapter to best fit the application.

Tip Tilt Piezo Stage Mirror Mount

Mounting Procedure

  1. Custom mounts can be machined to fit desired mirror dimensions. Note: rectangular, oval and other shapes are possible.
  2. Utilize the M2 mounting points around the stage to mount the holder. A threaded hole in the top of the stage can also be sued for mounting purposes.
  3. Attach mirror to mount as desired. In the configuration shown below the mirror is glued to the mount using appropriate adhesive on the sides of the mirror. This configuration minimizes mirror deformation caused by material mismatch during thermal expansion.
Tip Tilt Stage Mirror Mount 2

Mounting can be done with a variety of adapters. Here is an example flat adapter plate with more surface area for gluing. This provides the option of removal.

Fast Steering Mirror Mount

Bond Mirror Directly to Piezo Stage Platform

Optics can be bonded directly to the piezo stage. This is common for situations where the mirror will not be removed. It will lower load mass and require fewer machined parts. The adhesive of choice should also be considered. Example adhesives on the market include:

Electronic Adhesive 123T – Norland Products, Cranbury, NJ

Milbond Adhesive System – Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Tip Tilt Piezo Stage Direct Mirror Bonding

Bonding Procedure

  1. Insert M2 X 0.4 X 4MM set screw into top center hole of stage to prevent bonding agent from leaking into hole.
  2. Mirror can be bonded to green face shown in detail below.
Mirror Bonding Location on Piezo Stage
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