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Two New Piezo Stages from nPoint


The NPXY60-258 and the NPXY60Z20-257 piezo stages are the latest additions to nPoint’s  nanopositioning lineup.  These stages are designed for advanced research markets in need of UHV and non-magnetic positioning.

Middleton, WI – May 14, 2014 – The NPXY60-258 and NPXY60Z20-257 nanopositioners are piezo driven, flexure guided stages, designed for high speed and nanometer precision. With a position noise of 0.4nm in X and Y axis and 0.2nm in the Z, both stages provide the accuracy necessary for today’s advanced applications.  When paired with the LC.400 series DSP controllers, the system provides closed-loop capability via capacitive sensors.  Both stages have a travel of 60µm in both the X and Y axis and there is an optional Z with 20µm stroke. The aperture (30mm in diameter), creates a great deal of flexibility for incorporation in optics and nanotechnology systems.  A resonant frequency of 750Hz in XY and 2000Hz in Z, allows for fast scanning and settling times less than 5 milliseconds. Both stages are designed to be UHV compatible and have non-magnetic properties, allowing researchers to test under specialized conditions.

As the latest addition to nPoint’s piezo stage offering, the NPXY60-258 and NPXY60Z20-257 can be used in a variety of areas including research, manufacturing, and as an OEM system component.

Application examples include:  near-field scanning optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, optical microscopy, lithography, nanometer-scale manipulation, metrology, materials testing, and optical fiber alignment.

Specifications for the NPXY60-258 and NPXY60Z20-257

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