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Linear Bearing Webinar

Webinar: How to Select the Ideal Linear Bearing for Your Medical Application

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to offer this session as a part of Motion Solutions’ webinar series. In this periodic series of free educational webcasts, engineers from Motion Solutions and our partners will discuss topics of interest to OEMs, ranging from design tutorials to coverage of the latest hot topics.

What: Free webinar entitled “How to Select the Ideal Linear Bearing for Your Medical Application”
Who: Wally Logan, vice president of engineering, Motion Solutions
When: Wednesday, March 4, 10 AM PT

Choice of bearing can make or break the performance of a linear motion system. Engineers often underestimate the importance of these components and leave their design until last, however. Such delays can be a major problem, particularly if the machine layout doesn’t include space for a bearing that can deliver the accuracy, resolution, and repeatability required for the application. Designers need to understand their degrees of design freedom and take into account all trade-offs before specifying a bearing.

Wally Logan is vice president of engineering at Motion Solutions.

“Properly specifying the bearing upfront makes all the difference in getting your linear motion system to meet the requirements of the application,” says Wally Logan, vice president of engineering, Motion Solutions. In this webinar, Logan will draw on his extensive bearing and motion design experience to review what medical and biomedical device designers need to know about their application, their design, and their bearing options in order to choose the best bearing for their project.

What you will learn:

  • The common classes of linear bearings
  • The key characteristics and how they affect performance, lifetime, size, and cost
  • The step-by-step process of choosing a bearing as illustrated by examples covering four common classes of medical and life sciences applications

Take 45 minutes to improve your next design. Register for the webinar and when you do, we’ll send you our recently published 18-page white paper, How to Select the Ideal Linear Bearing for Your Medical Application.

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Peter Hoffman is the vice president of marketing, Motion Solutions Inc.

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