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traceability and UDI compliance

Webinar: Traceability & UDI Compliance in Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Editor’s Note: Motion Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the Motion Solutions’ webinar series. In this periodic series of free educational webcasts, engineers from Motion Solutions and our partners will discuss topics of interest to OEMs, ranging from design tutorials to coverage of the latest hot topics, such as UDI compliance.

UDI Compliance

In 2013, the US FDA released the Unique Device Identification (UDI) System First Rule, now undergoing a staged rollout. Briefly, the regulation calls for every medical device manufactured in the United States to be marked with a globally unique identifier. This applies whether it is a tool, a patient aid, or an implantable device. Manufacturing, inspection, and shipping now need to incorporate additional steps like marking, quality control, reading, and record-keeping for each device. If you’re a medical device manufacturer, you need to achieve compliance. More to the point, you need to do it quickly, effectively, and economically. To help customers tackle these challenges, Motions Solution’s presents Traceability & UDI Compliance in Medical Equipment Manufacturing, a webinar delivered by our valued partner Omron Automation Americas.

Scheduled for Thursday, December 12, this free webinar will start with a primer on UDI compliance. Presenter Felix Klebe will draw on his 25 years of traceability and factory automation experience to explain best practices and common pitfalls in pursuit of UDI compliance. Omron offers a complete UDI compliant solution that runs from marking to reading and quality control, to traceability of all work in progress. Klebe will show how the technology is applied, illustrating through common examples.

The UDI regulation is a necessary step to ensuring traceability and safety throughout the medical device lifecycle, but it shouldn’t take over the process. As a manufacturer, your engineering efforts should focus on producing safe, high-quality products that improve patient outcomes. You need an efficient path to UDI compliance. Omron and Motion Solutions can help. Join us for the webinar to learn straightforward strategies to achieve UDI compliance. Register for the webinar to attend day of or receive a link to access the recording on-demand.

Webinar Topic: Traceability and UDI Compliance in Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Felix Klebe

Presenter: Felix Klebe, Marketing Manager, Sensors & Advanced Sensing Products, Omron
Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019
Time: 10:00 – 10:45 am Pacific (Noon Central and 1:00 pm Eastern)

Motion Solutions - Peter Hoffman

About the Author
Peter Hoffman is the vice president of marketing, Motion Solutions Inc.

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