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Precision Stages: Beat Your Supply Chain Blues with Our Short Lead Times

Precision Stages: Beat Your Supply Chain Blues with Our Short Lead Times

Note: In spite of global supply chain issues, Motion Solutions can ship stages in as little as three weeks, depending on the requirements.

We are in the midst of a time of unprecedented supply-chain disruption. The pandemic, the blockage of the Suez Canal, trade wars and severe weather events have combined to throw the highly synchronized global supply chain into turmoil. Forget about semiconductor chip shortages¾in the automation world, some manufacturers are quoting lead times for motion components in excess of six months. Need to get your precision stage order quicker? Consider Motion Solutions.

Motion Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of precision positioning stages, from general motion to submicron positioners. We build our stages in house and have always maintained an extensive inventory of components, blanks and raw materials. This has always enabled us to offer highly configurable precision positioning equipment for a range of applications. Just as important right now, it also insulates us from the supply-chain woes that afflict so many other suppliers. As a result, we can ship product in as little as three weeks.

Designed by engineers for engineers

Our precision stages are designed in house by our Engineered Solutions team, which tackles complex, demanding motion problems daily. Our engineers have applied their decades of design experience to develop positioning solutions that address common motion challenges. They built the stages that they need for our custom engineering projects. In the process, they have created a family of highly configurable precision motion stages offered commercially. Customers can use these stages to seamlessly transition their projects from customized prototype to optimized production-ready solution.

Shasta 25 linear guide stageLGS stages: general-purpose positioning

The LGS line of screw-based linear guides delivers accurate, repeatable positioning at an affordable price point. LGS actuators are available with lead screws for the entry-level product or recirculating-ball linear guides for applications involving high speeds and high duty cycles. Featuring low-profile form factors, LGS stages are available in multiple heights, with a dual-rail version for enhanced stability. Users can specify length, leads, block types, motor and sensor types, and more.

LGS stages are available as three different models: the LGS25, the LGS33, and the LGS33W (see table).

Table 1: Performance Characteristics for LGS Stages

Table 1 - Performance Characteristics LGS

HDS75HDS75 stages: high loads and moment loads

For heavy duty industrial applications, we offer the HDS75 family of linear guide stages. These ruggedized stages can control high masses, high moment loads, and variable center-of-gravity loads to repeatabilities as tight as 10 µm. HDS75 stages are both accurate and rigid, courtesy of an extruded aluminum U-channel base and high-load linear guides. Because the screws are supported at both ends, they are under tension, increasing critical speed. Stages can be combined in XY configurations without the need for an adapter bracket; Z-axis stages do require a support bracket. User options include choice of photo/proximity sensors, leads, motor mounts, cover types, and more.

nPS35nPS stages: fine resolution and high-speed scanning

For applications requiring fine resolution on a budget, we offer our nPS line of stages. Built with cross-roller bearings for extra rigidity, our screw-based nPS stages deliver high performance without the cost of a linear motor. These compact precision stages are available in both lead-screw (LS) and ball-screw (BS) versions. The lead screw option is affordable and is especially helpful in vertical applications where self-locking is needed. The ball screw option is ideal for applications requiring higher efficiency, duty cycle or speed.

nPS stages are available as two different models: the nPS35 and the nPS70 (see table).

Table 2: Performance Characteristics for nPS Stages

Table 2 - Performance Characteristics nPS
* Available in two different options with differing performance. See datasheet for details.

Working on a photonics, precision assembly, or biomedical application that requires high-speed scanning? The mounting pattern of nPS stages supports seamless integration with our nPCube piezo stage. Combining the nPS stages with any X, XY or XYZ version of the nPCube creates a multi-axis system that delivers up to 12 mm of positioning range.

Precision Stages - Linear MotorsnPL stages: Demanding, space-constrained applications

Applications that need submicron accuracy, require more sophisticated technology. Our nPL line of linear-motor stages combine submicron positioning with compact profiles for easy, effective integration into OEM designs. The use of ironless motors eliminates cogging, reduces velocity error and improves performance in sensitive applications like Z focusing. The motors incorporate a patented coil technology that enables them to achieve excellent force density. In addition, the bearing selection and precision preload combine to produce a high-bandwidth solution with repeatable mechanical characteristics.

nPL stages are available in three different models: the nPL70S, the nPL70M, and the nPL70L (see table). We also offer an nPL stage in a vertical configuration (nPL70Z) with an external magnetic or pneumatic counterbalance.

Table 3: Performance Characteristics for nPL Stages

Table 3 - Performance Characteristics nPL
* Available in two different options with differing performance. See datasheet for details.

These high-efficiency stages are ideally suited to scanning applications that require fast acceleration and high velocity control, such as in semiconductor, life-sciences, and photonics. The nPL70Z is designed for Z-focus applications.

Analysts predict that our current phase of acute supply chain disruption will last another 18 to 24 months. Your supply chain for precision stages might be in turmoil but you can’t afford to make your customers wait. Now is the time to secure a reliable motion supplier that can deliver the precision stages you need on the schedule you want. Reach out to us at Motion Solutions. We are staffed with expert mechanical, mechatronic, and optical engineers and highly skilled technicians. Our 36,000 square-foot production floor is stocked with millions of dollars in capital equipment. We have a substantial inventory of parts, and we’re ready to start building your stages tomorrow.

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