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Motion Solutions Tradeshow Demos

Motion Solutions Demonstrations

Motion Solutions demonstrates its Motion Control and Nanopositioning solutions at various tradeshows such as SPIE’s Photonics West and SLAS. 

Motion Solutions helps customers solve complex motion control problems through the use of piezo and hybrid stages. We provide nanopositioning solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from life science to semiconductors and space. Leveraging the high speed and resolution of our products, design engineers are able to reduce process times and improve the performance of their machines and solutions.

Below are our tradeshow demos.

Life Science Demo:

The 3-Axis nPL system allows the user to traverse distances of up to 150 mm in the XY direction and 45mm in the Z direction with accuracies down to 4 um and repeatability of 0.4 um.  The system is configurable and ideal for the rapid positioning of samples or optics. This setup is of particular interest to biomedical and precision optics customers who demand high accuracy and high throughput.

Vertical Focus Demo:

Motion Solutions provides a variety of stages to meet the requirements of applications that depend on  fast and precise autofocus. These stages utilize piezo technology, linear motor technology, stepper motor technology or a combination to create the best solution. In this demo the nPFocus400 piezo stage and one of our hybrid stages are both displayed.

Photonics Demo:

Our high precision nPS35 lead-screw stages are combined with the compact nPCube piezo stage to provide an assembly that is often used in Photonics Alignment applications. The nPCube provides a fast scanning stage on top of nPS35 stages that enable precise positioning over several mm’s. Our largest range fast steering mirror (FSM) is also on display here. Its range is 1 degree.

Laboratory Automation Demo:

The 3-Axis LGS + Wedge Stage system allows users to traverse up to 300mm in the XY direction with accuracies in the 20um range and 25mm in the Z direction with accuracies in the 5um range. The wedge lift stage that comprises the base of this system provides excellent stability during elevation while the wider LGSW stage of the X axis gives the carried Y axis added stiffness.

Meet with our team to learn about our products and get answers to all of your motion related questions.

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