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Engineering isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. We can customize nearly everything we sell, from modifying housings and mechanical interfaces to fine-tuning performance parameters. Interested in custom assemblies?




It’s easy to get preoccupied with motors, drives, controllers, and gearing. Without proper hardware, however, even the best design will not perform properly. We offer a comprehensive selection of hardware components designed to support machine function and streamline procurement.

Rings, Springs & Clamps

Clip ringChoosing the correct bearing is essential but having a selection of locknuts, spacers, retaining rings, etc. makes it easy to move from design to solution, quickly and efficiently. At Motion Solutions, we have a full selection of basic hardware. Talk to our team members to find out more about components that will help you build better products faster.


Retaining Rings

Instead of automatically choosing a locknut for your next application, consider a retaining ring. Engineers often overlook retaining rings, but they can be very good fits for high-volume or cost-sensitive applications.Retaining Ring The traditional method for fastening components and assemblies in housings and on shafts usually involves some type of shaft/housing preparation and multiple components. Using retaining rings instead of traditional fasteners means fewer parts, less material, and lower costs, as well as less waste. Simply machine a groove onto the shaft or in the housing and install the ring. The retaining ring creates a shoulder that retains the component or assembly.

Motion Solutions carries four types of retaining rings:

  • Tapered section
  • Constant section
  • Spiral type
  • Shim type
Wave Springs (multi turn)Wave Springs

Wave springs consists of coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only saves space but also results in smaller assemblies that use less material, hence lower production costs. 

Wave springs operate as load bearing devices. They take up play and compensate for dimensional variations within assemblies. Wave Springs (single-turn)A virtually unlimited range of forces can be produced whereby loads build either gradually or abruptly to reach a predetermined working height. This establishes a precise spring rate in which load is proportional to deflection.

Wave springs can be classed as single turn, multiturn, and nested. Single-turn wave springs offer “cling in bore” options—the spring is fixed and centered by itself, which can simplify assembly.

Hose Clamps

Hose ClampMotion Solutions offers a variety of hose clamps. We have self-compensating hose clamps for low-pressure applications in single wire, double wire, and constant-tension band configurations, including light-band and narrow-band clamps. These clamps expand and contract with the hose in response to temperature changes in the application. They cannot be over or under tightened, and are installed and removed easily using either manual or pneumatic tools.

Specialty Fasteners

Specialty fastenersIt’s easy to focus on the motion-control and automation aspects of a system, but if it won’t hold together, it can’t get the job done. We carry a wide array of specialty fasteners, including clean-room and vacuum specific designs, odd sizes, special materials, ultra compact, etc. Our experienced sales engineers will work with you to find the optimum hardware for your application, whether it involves temperature extremes, shock and vibration, size constraints, and more. Bring us your most challenging fastener needs and we will find a solution.


Lock Nuts

Lock NutLock nuts are designed to hold components in place even in the face of extensive vibration. These fasteners vary from a simple lock nut with a tanged washer to a lock nut incorporating mechanical features that prevent the nut from turning unless it is manually released.

Components like motors, controllers, and gearboxes can be very expensive. All too frequently, design teams seek to save money on fasteners like lock nuts, which they consider to be commodity items. That can be a penny-wise and pound-foolish decision. Depending on the manufacturer, a two dollar lock nut with high face run out could cause the failure of a $100 bearing. At Motion Systems, we have learned from experience that it is essential to use quality lock nuts.

The choice of lock nut makes all the difference in the performance and lifetime of a bearing system. Our lock nuts feature very highly controlled face run out, which is an essential characteristic to preserve bearing performance. We can supply self-locking locknuts ranging in size from 10 mm up to very large lock nuts for heavy-duty industrial applications. Choose from standard and high-precision designs. Thread classes include standard threads, fine threads, or metric threading.


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